When a Pair Goes Pear Shaped

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3 Responses to “When a Pair Goes Pear Shaped”

  1. 1 Diana 13 February 2009 at 6:29 pm

    When this sort of thing happens, it’s a kind of enchantment. One, or both, of the pair have entered into a trance state, and may need outside help to break the trance, to release them, so they can re-evaluate their actions. Boundaries help too, as you described, “you have only one more pomodoro to achieve one small, defined objective.” I’ve found another thing that helps is to make sure both partners in every pair know how to jump in with _effective_, descriptive feedback on what they see and hear, so they can break the trance themselves. But that has to happen well before. Once you’re in it without the skills to get out, pairs need outside intervention, like you describe.

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